Päätytuote is a metal cold forming specialist. Our main product categories are vessel and tank ends and deep drawing products. Our production is well suited for both small and large series, even the most demanding of applications.

We have two large deep drawing presses for making deep drawing product, each with maximum clamping force of 1,200 tonnes. Table size of 2500 mm x 1400 mm allows us to manufacture large products. High retention strength and continuous force control during the process allow serial manufacturing of demanding products.

Päätytuote also manufactures pressure equipment and steel products. We also perform periodic IBC inspections and undertake various pressing and assembly projects, as well as other metal subcontracting, such as pipe ends and steel countertops.

The Päätytuote story first started in the 1970’s, when our first end manufacturing machines were acquired. We have over 40 years of experience in making tank heads. The company was initially founded to cater for the needs of various tank manufacturing companies in a time when the oil tank manufacturing industry was flourishing. Päätytuote wanted to respond to the high demand, together with their customers. Today, Päätytuote is still a family-owned company that puts clients firmly in the core of all operations.

The company’s most important values are customer focus and commitment to our work. Our staff is skilled and committed, and we want to give our client the best service possible. We plan and develop products together with the client to create best possible solutions for each client. We deliver on our promises.